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i-Interio is an interior design firm that specializes in office space planning, office renovations and office interior design. Our office designs help businesses build credible working environments, improve workplace morale, employee productivity and customer relations.

We know how professional service, high tech, corporations and not-for-profit agencies can spend less money and become more efficient, with greater functionality and better aesthetics.

We provide the necessary hands-on support and guidance to solve business challenges and ensure projects are completed, on time and on budget.

We have a team of professionals who are highly trained and very qualified to complete the look you desire for your office space. We can provide your office the perfect professional look in all aspects. We can develop the office design as per your needs. When you choose i-Interio, you get far more than just our services; you get piece of mind knowing that all possible factors have been considered and that you are making the best choice available.